How To Pose Like a Model

For some reason, whenever we see a photo of models, they look like they mastered the art of posing. Everything in their body is in perfect harmony. The expression of their eyes, the way their body moves, and even their curves. And sometimes, if you try to recreate the same exact pose, you look like an earthworm struggling.

But the good thing is, we just don’t know the basics of posing. If we only know all of these techniques, then we’ll look like models in our own selfies and group photos. The following are some of the techniques to be able to pose like a model.


eyeThey say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That’s why, you should use it to evoke an emotion. Try to put some tension in your eyes, as if you are looking at someone and communicating with him about what you are feeling. If you’re happy, your eyes should sparkle. If you’re sad, your eyes should be gloomy.


Relax your body. You might have seen a lot of broken poses from supermodels but it only works for some body types and for certain editorial shoots. Just relax your body. Watch out for a stiff shoulder because it makes your neck shorter and your arms larger. Also, if you don’t know where to put your hands, put them at your back, or point to something, or put them inside your pockets. Just don’t put it on the side of your body.


You should be aware of your best angle. You can do that by practicing in the mirror and trying out different angles. You can also take a look at your past photos and decide which is your best. In this way, you are almost certain that you’ll have a great photo.



It doesn’t mean that you should be boring. You should exude your fun personality and your confidence in your photo but you shouldn’t overdo it. Just be yourself and have fun while your photo is being taken and it will show in the final output.