How To Develop A Creative Eye In Photography

You might not notice but some of the world’s best photographs were taken in a familiar place. What it means is great subjects in photography are everywhere. You just have to develop this creative eye to turn a seemingly mundane subject into a great piece of art.

But how difficult it is to train your eye to spot a great subject hidden in plain sight?



The beauty of practicing photography nowadays is you already have a lot of materials to work with. You also have a lot of guides that will help you improve your craft. You should take a look at other’s work not to copy them, but to get an inspiration. You can learn how they use angle, light manipulation, color treatment, and framing to turn a simple object into a magnificent subject.


practiceThere are many online photography communities where you can seek for advice and at the same time, see other people’s work. In this way, you are constantly reminded that there are people who are working as hard as you are to pursue your dream so you should work hard too. Also, this is a great place to ask for feedbacks regarding your photos.


If you want to be a great photographer, you should shoot as much as you can. Practice shooting whenever you have the time. You don’t have to go to far flung places. In your immediate surrounding, challenge yourself to showcase your place in another perspective. If you are able to re-imagine your environment in literally different lens, you’ll greatly improve the way you see objects in your surroundings.


Be open when people are telling you how to improve your next shoots. This is important because these photographers provide you with valuable insight that you should use in order to improve your craft. Sometimes, it might sound harsh but face it. The world is harsh and they are just training you to deal with criticisms that you’ll receive once your are a professional photographer already.