Great Ideas for your next Outdoor Shoot

When you are planning a shoot, aside from the equipment and the people who will be in it, you also need to consider the location as it will drastically improve your photo shoot theme. We have collected a list of great outdoor location for your next photoshoot.



Beach is a great location for an outdoor photoshoot as it mixes the cool color of the ocean with the warm color of the sand. It’s great not only for summer wear but also when you are portraying an emotional story. It’s also great for group shouts as you have a wide space at your disposal.


If you are living in the city, it’s easy to find an industrial background. Although it might be dirty, but it’s rawness will add to the appeal of your photo. It will also make your concept more edgy and modern, that millenials can easily relate to.


This is a great location if you’re looking for a place that will offer you depth and at the same time, ample amount of lighting. This is a perfect venue for sunrise or sunset shoot as the dramatic city landscape will add to the beauty of your photo.


If you want your photo to have more personality, then you can use your city street as the backdrop of your concept. Not only you will showcase the beauty of your city, but at the same time, you will add a grit to your photo.


Do you like colors? Then find a great graffiti wall in your neighborhood and do your creative photoshoot using that as a background. In here, you can be playful with the poses and with the concept as the background wall will support your idea.



Flowers are not only great props but their color also help elevate the concept of a photoshoot. If you know an open field with a garden filled with beautiful flowers then that’s a perfect place for you to take some photos! Just make sure that no flowers will be harmed.

All these outdoor locations are just some suggestions. Ultimately, it should still be based on your concept of the shoot.