How to Begin Your Photography Career

As a new photographer, it’s a challenge to take the next step towards your career. It takes a lot of time practicing, and a lot of effort improving your craft in a continuous manner. However, there are ways for you to improve your skills.


Don’t go overboard with the equipment.

Yes, I understand you just want to have the best equipment for your photography journey. But try to start with the basic equipment. Just practice and try to perfect how to use your camera. This is for you not to be overwhelmed with everything that you are using.

set up

Consider Using a Tripod

This will help you stabilize your shot. As a beginner, it might be quite challenging for you to get photos especially for low shutter speed setting. This will make sure that your photos are not blurred and always sharp.

Keep your Camera with you All the Time

tripodConsider your camera as an extension of your body. You should have it all the time because you will be using it to practice. You need to put in several hours of practice not only to practice how to use the camera, but also for you to have an experience on how you can use lighting and your surrounding to create the perfect shot.

Always Make a Shot List

As an amateur photographer, you should always create a shot list so you have a guide on the things that you want to shoot. This is very important because sometimes, when you are shooting, you get easily distracted with the endless possibilities of beautiful photos you can create.

Take Advantage of Free Online Resources

There are several online courses that will teach you the technicality of taking a photo. This will help you understand the science behind your photos while you focus on the creative part.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Remember, if you don’t take risks, you won’t get to experience the rewarding benefits of photography. So try to do unconventional shots and techniques so you can discover a technique of your own.