How do you choose your models?

We have a team that choose our featured models based on certain criteria. We want our models to be an actual role model in their personal lives so aside from their portfolio, we are also looking at their passion and the causes they support. Our team then vote on the person we want to focus on.

Do you offer photography class?

As of now, we don’t offer a physical class. We just want to focus now on what we’re doing great, which is editing photos of models and athletes. We believe that we are kind of full right now and we’re not really experts in photography but we do have professional photographers that help us.

Can I use your photos?

Yes, but please do attribute us as the source. We also attribute other photographers whenever we use their photos in our editing so we should respect the rights of those who actually owned the images. However, please avoid using the images for commercial purposes.

Where do you get your photos?

We have a lot of sources where we get our official photos. We have our resident photographers and also our partner media website. We always ask for approval before we publish photos in our site. And we hope that our users will do the same since it’s a way for us to promote our contents.

Do you create tutorials on how to edit photos?

Yes, we have a lot of tutorials on photo manipulation and editing. We also have our mini-series wherein you can enroll and we select actual photos from students that we use for discussion. To know more information about it, sign up now in our website.

When are you going to include singers and actors?

Don’t worry, this is coming very soon. We are going to include singers and actors too in our website. For now, we are still looking for partners who will provide us legitimate photos that we can use and edit. But once we have the go signal, we’ll go for it!